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  Shooting Dead Films with Poets
Lina ramona Vitkauskas
ISBN: 1933126000, Paperback - BUY

In this collection of exquisite poems, the fiction editor of Milk Magazine honors celebrities of film and literature with wondrous images linked together in mysterious ways revealed only to those unswayed by their surrealism, those willing to stay with the poems as they move deeply below the surface of appearance and syntactic parsing. The power of her diction derives from the powerful deep structure linking each image to magical path of layered interpretations they invite and reward.

  An Immigrant's Story
Arejas Vitkauskas

Writer Arejas Vitkauskas was the first person with our name that I sought out. He was kind enough to send his autobiography, where he recalled walking in cow pastures as a boy. Notable enough to include in the opening was the pleasure of digging his bare feet deep into fresh cow piles to stay warm.

Arėjas began his writing career when a volunteer in the army in the first days of Lithuania's independence. Came to America in 1933. Until occupation of Lithuania in 1940 he was a correspondent for periodicals in Lithuania. Since 1940 he established himself as an American writer, also being an editor/manager of own World-Wide News Bureau, which, besides news and photo reporting, distributes world-wide a weekly column "American Scene".