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Lina ramona Vitkauskas' milk magazine link

milk magazine is an online literary magazine that features poetry, visual art, experimental fiction, essays, and featured books. Now in its 8th year and since its move from Dayton, OH to Chicago, IL the editors, Larry Sawyer and Lina ramona Vitkauskas, have branched out and spread the word far and wide amongst several poetic circles in Chicago and beyond. milk has been, and is, an important contribution to the literary landscape, one that continues to grow in stature and relevance to the ever-changing face of poetry and art.

The intuitive immediacy and necessity of milk’s presence has drawn much praise from the surrounding literary community and beyond, including The League of Canadian Poets: “…strong Beat influence, [with] touches of the Paris Review in its glory days…[reminiscent of] The Surrealists with romaine lettuce in taxis, [and] an elegant title which justifies a clean, colourless background. milk is a darn fine magazine—excellent.”

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