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Dear Vitkauskases (Vitkauskai) of the world;

Here's a catalog of earthlings with the Vitkauskas name. They range from this site's host, in America, to the editor of the multi-volume Lithuanian dictionary, back in the homeland; from a poet to a general; and, from an insurance agency owner to a computer business manager.

This catalog (in alphabetical order by first name) covers the spectrum of people with the Vitkauskas name.

Feel free to submit your own story to be included.

Pronouncing "Vitkauskas"

    The pronunciation of Vitkauskas seems simple and phonetic to another Lithuanian.

    Still, others want hints.

    "Vitt-kows-kuss" seems close, but not very memorable.

    Elsie says, trying to pronounce the surname "with cow's kiss" makes it a more "moo"-ving, memorable muttering.

When is a Vitkauskas, not a Vitkauskas?


Here's the irony of this webmaster running a ''Vitkauskas'' website.

His Vitkauskas-ness comes from adoption, not heredity.

On top of that, it's ironic that he's on such a slim branch of the family tree, that (through death and marriage surname changes) all but one Vitkauskas name bearer remains: me.

Obviously, keeping this branch alive has ended, unless something is done about it. Applications for breeding more Vitkauskas-es are being taken at BearTheHeir@Vitkauskas.com.

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Aistis Vitkauskas Eventing Rider


From Kernave, Lithuania, Aistis and his horse Hojagerards Candis: a Danish bred mare.


Akvilė Vitkauskaitė

Kickboxing - 23 June, 2007 - Czech Open Kickboxing Tournament, 1st place


Aloyzas Vitkauskas - 2002 Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award Winner

Aloyzas Vitkauskas, Managing Director from the Housing and Urban Development Foundation (HUDF) in Lithuania won the award for reducing organic waste to the Baltic Sea.

Andrius Vitkauskas


TOP SPORT '97 , Kaunas, A. Sabonis basketball school
Player‘s No.: 7
Date of birth: 1997-07-27
Playing basketball from: 2004
Height, weight: 167 cm, 51 kg.
Hobby: Kompiuteris, futbolas, žvejyba


Anna Vitkauskas

Anna Vitkauskas (Class of 2005: George Mason University, Graduate Program, M.S. in Technology Management) is responsible for keeping all of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) operations functioning in Hawaii, Alaska, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Gwam, Singapore, Thailand and Quatar.

Prof. Arvydas Vitkauskas


Tekstilės technologijos katedros profesorius

Prof. A. Vitkauskas yra daugiau kaip 100 mokslinių straipsnių, kelių vadovėlių ir mokomųjų knygų, apie 50 pranešimų konferencijose autorius arba bendraautoris

Kita veikla: • Nepriklausomas užsienio ekspertas tekstilės ir drabužių technologijos srityje prie Latvijos disertacinės tarybos P-11 • Lietuvos nacionalinio akreditacijos biuro techninis ekspertas laboratorijų vertinimo srityje. • Lietuvos tekstilės instituto tarybos narys • Mokslinio žurnalo Materials Science. (Medžiagotyra) redaktorius • Lietuvos medžiagų tyrinėtojų asociacijos. (LtMRS) Tekstilės medžiagų sekcijos vadovas. • KTU „Medžiagų inžinerijos“ mokslo krypties kvalifikacinės komisijos narys. • KTU Dizaino ir technologijų fakulteto tarybos narys.

A. Vitkauskas Discovers
How To Keep His Feet Warm In Cold Weather


Writer Arejas Vitkauskas was the first person with our name that I sought out. He was kind enough to send his autobiography, where he recalled walking in cow pastures as a boy. Notable enough to include in the opening was the pleasure of digging his bare feet deep into fresh cow piles to stay warm.

Arėjas began his writing career when a volunteer in the army in the first days of Lithuania's independence. Came to America in 1933. Until occupation of Lithuania in 1940 he was a correspondent for periodicals in Lithuania. Since 1940 he established himself as an American writer, also being an editor/manager of own World-Wide News Bureau, which, besides news and photo reporting, distributes world-wide a weekly column "American Scene".

Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice „Individualių žmogaus teisių gynimo galimybės tarptautinėje teisėje“



Donna Vitkauskas, photographer

At FotoCommunity.com


Douglas Vitkauskas, Brazilian font author, and other Brazilians on Orkut.com

Douglas is a Brazilian font author.

One example:

          A whole crew of Brazilian Vitkauskases are part of the social networking site orkut, including

Bruna, Bianca, Ingrid , Clarice, Felippe, Nadia, Silvana, Luci, Deise and Patricia Mejias.


Chess Playing Vitkauskases

The international directory of chess players with the surname Vitkauskas, includes International Correspondence Chess Federation master, Gintautas Vitkauskas.


Jūratė Vitkauskaitė

Lietuvos baidarių slalomo ir sunkiosios atletikos čempionė. I kategorijos sportininkė.

Lorraine Vitkauskas Hearn


Lorraine is Nature's Hardware, LLC, where all of the products incorporate either natural, renewable or recylced material. Each product identifies how "green" the material is (wherever that is possible). Bring the beauty and elegance of nature into your home with these items.


A Fantasy Vitkauskas Encounter

I am in line, waiting for my turn to get the author to sign my copy of her book.

Pen in her hand, she looks into my eyes and asks "Who should I make it out to?"

"To my newly discovered brother," I say.

"OK. What's his name?" she says.

"Vytautas Vitkauskas, but use the whole phrase 'To my newly discovered brother, Vytautas Vitkauskas.' " I add, "Then sign it."

"But that doesn't make sense," she says.

"It does when you realize that I am the 'Vytautas'," I reply. "We are overdue to meet and get to know each other."

In the happy version, this becomes the mythical story of our encounter and life-long relationship."

In the horror version, this scares her, her husband punches me into the book remainder bin and I can never regain her trust.

Lina ramona Vitkauskas is a Chicago poet, and co-editor of the online literary website milk magazine.

She calls herself an "evaporating language photographer" in her National Public Radio "This I Believe" essay.

Paulius Vitkauskas

Designer of the Kudirka rocking chair: Paulius Vitkauskas



Pianistė Rasa Vitkauskaitė

Pianistė Rasa Vitkauskaitė

Regina Vitkauskienė-Tindžiulytė


Regina Vitkauskienė-Tindžiulytė (g. 1940 m. rugpjūčio 4 d. Pandėlyje (Rokiškio raj.) – muzikos mokytoja ir chorvedė.

Vidmantas Vitkauskas


Vidmantas Vitkauskas (g. 1962 m. sausio 17 d. Kaune) – Lietuvos ir Kauno rajono politinis bei visuomenės veikėjas.

Virgilijus Vitkauskas


Virgilijus Vitkauskas (g. 1960 m. gruodžio 24 d. Linkuvoje, Pakruojo raj.) – Lietuvos ir Jonavos rajono politinis bei visuomenės veikėjas.


Vladas ir kitas Vladas Vitkauskas

The public institution 'Lietuvos viršūnės', headed by Vladas Vitkauskas, Lithuania's leading mountaineer, is pursuing efforts to designate Aukštojas Hill as a geographic landmark in the historically important Medininkai region.

In 1993, Vladas climbed Mount Everest and received an award from the CIFP (International Fairplay Committee) for assisting a Nepalese colleague in extreme weather conditions.


Kitas Vladas Vitkauskas: 1990–1995 m. Pasvalio rajono tarybos deputatas

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